Is Streetwear Popular in Australia?

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Asking “is streetwear popular in Australia” is like asking “do kangaroos hop?” The answer to both of these is a resounding YES. The reason it might not have seemed like it is popular might be because of the distance that used to exist between Aussies and major Streetwear brands.


Yes, Australians have always loved streetwear, but shipping used to make the whole thing “not worth it”. This was years ago though. These days, lots of local brands are springing up with their interpretation of streetwear and people are loving it. Besides, there are now more retail stores stocking up on all the major streetwear brands. You could literally admire the latest Nike slides and have them at your doorstep the next day. This explains the growing popularity of streetwear among the Australian public.


One other reason streetwear’s becoming increasingly popular in Australia is because the world’s moving towards wearing more comfortable clothing. And nothing says comfort more than loose, baggy and shapeless clothes that drape the body. Then there are the shoes. Runners are the literal definition of streetwear. Get them in white and you’re pretty much set.


The last thing that accounts for Australia’s blooming interest in streetwear is the variety and the options available. Streetwear can be incredibly expensive, but it isn’t always about the price tag of a piece, but the art. About the boldness of the design – and designers Kanye with his Yeezy has been serving bold designs that are keeping the public yearning for more.


Today, hundreds of thousands of Australians fork out cash in stores like West Brothers, King and private market places like an Underground society where they swap or trade important streetwear. Status and bragging rights might have been people’s initial motivation for buying streetwear, but even exorbitant prices are backed by extremely high quality. It’s no wonder Aussies love popular streetwear stores.