“The Engineering,build quality & apperance of the Hydro Thermo are all Welcome Points difference in the cujrrent market.”

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The Hydrotherm delivers a constant supply of hot water, while using a third of the energy, as a standard electric water heater. The key to this energy saving? Our Hybrid technology, which combines the high efficiencies of a heat pump exchanger, and the functionality of a storage tank, to deliver Hybrid Hot Water.

What does this energy saving mean for you? With hot water accounting for a third of all household energy usage, the average savings provided by a Hydrotherm are over $400 per year.

To ensure your peace of mind and guarantee your long term savings every Hydrotherm system comes backed with industry leading warrantees. That’s 15 years on our stainless steel tanks and 7 years on our Panasonic compressors.

We have designed the Hydrotherm to be the perfect choice for Queensland households, delivery a hot water system that is, affordable to purchase, easy to install, with guaranteed savings and reliability. So why not join thousands of other Queenslanders, who have already switched on the savings, with Hybrid Hot Water.