What are statement earrings

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For those of us that are not too fashion savvy, it might be difficult to keep up with all this trendy mumbo jumbo that keeps getting thrown at us. Scrunchies are in, boleros are out, and babydolls are making a comeback especially in marigold and chartreuse; but if you have no idea what those are you might as well look like a frumpy mess! Luckily, nowadays we have Google to help us figure out our style and the current trends!

If you have read any fashion magazine or article recently you might have heard that statement earring are in again…. but what are statement earrings?


Well, they originated in the 80s and soon got really popular, and nowadays they are making a big comeback thanks to selfies. Statement earrings Australia are any of those earrings that are big, bold and colourful and draw all the eyes to them: they are not a complement to your outfit, they are the main feature.


They need to be combined with care because since they are so big and eyecatching, they might look out of place if you wear any other exhuberant accesories or if your outfit is bold and bright. If you are just beginning to learn about fashion, your best bet is to combine statement earrings with subtle pieces: black and white, jeans and skirts, shirts with graphic prints that are not too big…


However, seasoned fashion victims can (and should!) take risks and combine this lovely, fashionable earrings with other statement pieces. Big tassel earrings look great with patterned tops and scarves (tip: combine gold or gold coloured earrings with animal prints for a super wild look!) and big hoop earrings look great with bold fabrics such as leather and plaid.


All in all, if you want to be trendy you must give statement earrings a try: simple or bold, you will look fabulous no matter what !